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The best enterprise WiFi solutions

Managed Wi-Fi that provides centrally managed, extended range, enterprise grade Wi-Fi access points for both corporate and guest wireless connectivity.

To control Wi-Fi access across large networks supporting multiple devices, IT Leap has created a set of Managed Wi-Fi Solutions in partnership with Ruckus. We’ll design a fit-for-purpose solution that can be scaled to suit your changing requirements. Key industries we help are enterprise, warehousing, farming & hospitality.

Why use it?
Virtual LAN controller
Virtual LAN controller helps you securely build, manage and monitor your wireless networks, no need hardware based applience. You can set multiple WLANs, control network access, network bandwidth for individual users or group of users, design custom splash pages, monitor network health, and much more
Securely separated guest and corporate networks
Protect your corporate systems and sensitiva data from unautohrised access to Wi-Fi network. Using Guest Captive Portal feature, provide limited Wi-Fi access to your guests and/or contractors without compromising corporate WiFi security of your IT systems and relatred data.
Synchronized authentication with corporate Active directory or Radius server
Enterprise companies using Microsoft AD or RADIUS authentication can securely authenticate their registered devices using AD / RADIUS credentials. This eliminate frequent sharing and updating of corporate Wi-Fi SSID passphrases.
Customisable Guest portal page
Guest captive portal lets clients see a special web page before using the Internet and presents a welcome message. Captive portals are used by business centers, airports, hotel lobbies, coffee shops, and other venues that offer free Wi-Fi.
Easy to use dashboards for stats and reporting
Real time access to network activities such as connected users, guest users, number of APs & WLANs, network bandwidth, alarms and events
Option to deploy within the cloud or at the head office
Not all companies prefer to have their Wi-Fi management controller hosted within Cloud, this could be due to regulatory, compliance or any other business reasons. We help deploy Wi-Fi management controller at the Head Office or a centrally hosted location.
Fully managed service option
Reduce ongoing costs and time using our managed Wi-Fi option. It includes full deployment & management of centrally hosted Wi-Fi controller and enterprise grade access points.

Ruckus Wireless is a global supplier of enterprise class, Smart Wi-Fi products delivering unprecedented reliability, range, speed and scale of Wi-Fi services.

IT Leap engineers are specialized in Ruckus Wireless network design and implementation. Our 4 step process [Survey – Design – Deploy – Manage] ensures a reliable and secure Wi-Fi experience for your employees and customers. Enterprise and Small Businesses now have access to costeffective, easy to manage enterprise grade wireless at a lower total cost ownership (TCO).

Features include:
✔ Centralized Management
Deploy Enterprise Wi-Fi features and manage multiple Access Points from centralized and simplified GUI based management portal.
✔ Seamless corporate access
Securely integrate Wi-Fi authentication with your centralized Active Directory or RADIUS server to give your employees seamless and secure access to Wi-Fi networks.
✔ Strong Security features
Secure your Wi-Fi network with many builtin security features such as WEP2, 802.1x / RADIUS authentication, Guest Portal, Rogue AP detection and many more
✔ Analytics & Reporting
Single point to collect statistics and aggregate metrics from all Access Points. Access real-time and historic data which is analyzed and graphically displayed in an easy to understand format with a wide variety of views and customized reports. The data gathered includes essential network statistics such as traffic usage, client and session measurement, network changes, network latency, and inventory.
✔ Smart Meshing Support
Smart Mesh Networking technology automates deployment and eliminates the need to run Ethernet cable to every Smart Wi-Fi access point
✔ Guest Wi-Fi
Elegant and simple guest networking functions. Guest pass generation made simple and secure in under 60 seconds. Administrators can customize the Guest Pass Portal with their company logo, terms of use and login instructions
Top 10 Wi-Fi features
1. Wi-Fi coverage everywhere
2 to 4x coverage improvement through integrated long-range, high-gain antenna arrays integrated within every Ruckus AP
2. Unparalleled client connectivity
Ruckus’ adaptive antenna technology has up to 19 antenna arrays allowing for complete connectivity
3. Consistent performance at range
Ruckus’ adaptive multi-antenna technology with client feedback ensures consistent, reliable, and fast connections to the end client
4. Remote management
Indoor and outdoor APs can be managed remotely as one through a single interface
5. No new cabling

Ruckus SmartMesh technology allows for easy meshing to endure coverage without laying new cabling in difficult to deploy environments

Ruckus’ adaptive multi-antenna technology with client feedback ensures consistent, reliable, and fast connections to the end client

6. Flexible deployment options
Deploy APs as stand alone or with the controller; controllers can be onsite or offsite and managed remotely
7. Real-time location tracking
Checkbox provisioning in the controller can communicate with the APs to track RFIDs for your supply chain management
8. Easy to configure and deploy
For warehouses with limited IT resources, Ruckus’ graphical user interface is easy to use and understand
9. Simple security
With dynamic PSK, you can be assured of deploying a secure network without the need for extensive IT resources or security expertise
10. Heated AP for fluctuating environments
The Ruckus 7762 has built in heaters, ensuring uptime even under the harshest environmental conditions.
Testimonials and Case Studies

We have a very diverse set of businesses, applications, users, and devices — all of which require robust wireless to maintain operational efficiency. The combination of 802.11n and adaptive antenna technology eliminates flaky coverage and reliability issues that have plagued Wi-Fi in the past.

Nathan Wiegand – Pacific Foods
Case study: Sydney Entertainment Centre
Case study: Sydney Entertainment Centre

With a total floor area of 1,500 square metres and seating for over 1,300 people, Sydney Entertainment Centre counts on Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi to run its mobile ticket readers for many world-class concerts and sports games. The requirements included Rapid deployment of a Wi-Fi network capable of supporting thirty concurrent connections without any RF interference.

One of the challenges faced in delivering a high performance, stable Wi-Fi network was the unfriendly RF environment posed by the physical structure of the arena itself. With a total floor area of 1500 square metres and seating spread over two storeys, the arena is also housed within thick concrete walls designed to reduce noise leakage to the exterior of the venue.In addition to the building’s potential for restricting RF signals was the expectation that many of the 9000 concert attendees would be using some sort of wireless device during the event.

The risk of RF interference was huge during the concert, however the effect of thick concrete walls and thousands of wireless devices and smartphones was completely negligible when it came to the performance of the Wi-Fi. In total, the Ruckus-powered WLAN comprising of five access-points and one controller provided interference-free Wi-Fi for 30 mobile ticket readers, with close to 9000 tickets instantly scanned within a two-hour time frame.

Case study: Queen Victoria Building
Case study: Queen Victoria Building

One of Australia’s most iconic retail outlets at Queen Victoria Building (QVB), required a reliable and pervasive signal coverage throughout the four levels of the heritage site, detail access and usage statistics for advertiser reporting, advanced Wi-Fi APs for thousands of remote hotspot locations and robust remote management of Wi-Fi devices and services.

The first phase of the project — at QVB and The Galeries — went live at the end of July 2012, and within eight weeks was serving around 1,000 users per day. Chifley Plaza and The Strand Arcade were added in late September. Current network statistics show that there are in excess of 2,200 users per day through this fast and reliable network.

In addition to a ‘walled garden’ providing content relating to the centre and advertisers, the platform also provides for the delivery of localised content for specific retailers and service providers based on the access point that a device is connected to.The Ruckus equipment allows to impose usage limits on individual devices in terms of time or data volume. The ability to track the types of devices being connected, the frequency of use and session duration, and provides daily, weekly or monthly reports so sponsors can see the exposure they are receiving.

Iconic heritage building QVB and adjacent retail outlets offer Australia’s first ad sponsored free Wi-Fi hotspot.

Most Flexible Deployment Options
Internet Access, VoIP, Guest Networking, RTLS/RFID, Staff Administration, BOM Imaging, Back Office Administration, Supply Chain Optimization.